Frequently Asked Questions



Q: My country does not appear when I am making an order. Is it possible for me to order still?


A: Yes, you can still make an order. To do this, you will need to email to get an accurate quote prior to the order being invoiced manually.





Q: I made an order on your website, how long will it take?


A: We aim to produce all orders within the times stated on our Production Times page here: however, if your order is taking longer than stated, you should email as we may be experiencing a high volume of orders. Whilst we do try our best to ensure all orders are complete on time, there are times of the year where production times may increase slightly.


Team / Personal Merchandise Stores



Q: How do I get a store on your website?


A: You must purchase one of our store packages here;


Q: Do I make any money from products sold in my store?


A: If any of your products within your store are sold, you will earn a commission on that sale. The value of that commission should be discussed with us via email


Q: Can I get more products / designs added to my store page once the initial designs have been completed and my store is live?


A: Yes of course you can! Please email requesting further information on this.


Q: If I create my own designs, can I still have a store on your website?


A: In this instance, you may have a store on our website yes. However, a store package must still be purchased as we would have to carry out additional work checking all files received and amending them where necessary which often takes more time and effort than creating the designs ourselves.