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Pro Esports Jersey

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£ 29.99 excl. VAT
Check out our new Custom Esports Pro Player Jersey! They are manufactured using dye-sublimation printing technologies onto a 100% polyester fabric.

With our new pro sports material, we offer the highest quality jersey on the market.

Our jersey provides new and improved breath-ability features and reinforced stitching providing you with a product that you can truly be satisfied with!

We provide multiple collar options and also coloured taping on the inside of your jersey to provide an extra customisation, giving you an additional feature to show your brands colours!

You are guaranteed to have a comfortable experience with our Pro Esports Jersey in scenarios, whether you are a casual gamer or an ultra competitive player at the top of your game!

Gamers Apparel has developed a new cut to provide you with a better fit and more structure to our sizing over years of experience in the industry. We really believe we have developed the product you have been waiting for!

Through rigorous development and testing, we have really pushed this product to the limit. So when you are searching for the product you can rely on to provide your players the most comfort in the most intense situations, this product is right for you!

For sizing, please click on the link under the images to the left of this description.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: enquiries@gamersapparel.co.uk
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