How to cook pilaf

Pilaf in recent years is becoming an increasingly common dish, as in order to cook it, you do not need any complex and little-known products. In Russia, pilaf is prepared from a wide variety of croup, but the most correct and tasty rice is. In our article, we decided to tell you about the secrets of the preparation of this Plov and give you some useful tips.

In order to independently prepare a real pilaf, you will need to purchase a number of products. The most important product is, of course, rice itself, it is to his choice necessary to take very seriously. In addition to him, you will need meat. It is advisable to use lamb or beef, carrot its quantity should be the same with the amount of rice, onions, its weight should be exactly half of the mass of rice or carrots, can be slightly smaller. Many are important in the preparation of pilas and spices, the mains are considered to be the main and black, saffron, salt and pepper pepper. In addition to these spices, a white and barberry and peas are put on the pilaf of the pilaf, well, and, of course, oil.

This pilaf is prepared on cotton oil, but, since this is very difficult to find on sale quite difficult for usual vegetable.

Before cooking over a day, soak peas in cold water in advance. Clean all the vegetables and apply them, the onions usually cut by half rings, and carrots stripes. If you have acquired lamb, do not cut it into small pieces, it is this meat that is better to cook with large square pieces, but only then to cut it.

Preparation steps:

1. Preheat the cauldron and pour oil into it, its amount should be 1 4 part of the mass of rice.

2. Throw onions in hot oil and here be very attentive. If you want your pilaf turned out to be light, then the onions should be slightly pink, and if you want a darker then brightly golden;

3. Once onions are ready to throw meat, it is stealing about 40-45 minutes;

4. Then put peas to meat, and all the spices on your own taste;

5. As soon as the meat is ready to throw carrots, if the meat juice is very small, then for the broth, add some water;

6. During about five minutes before carrots are ready to draw rice, it must be poured into a large cup and rinse under cold water with hands in a circle 8 - 10 times;

7. Drain water from rice and put it evenly on your carrot;

8. Fill rice with water it needs a little, the water should cover rice from above by 3-4 cm.

It remains only to wait when this magnificent dish will be ready.


In order for the pilaf turns out to be crumbly, it is best to acquire steamed rice, since it is he who is not afraid of water. If you borrowed a lamb, then in an hour before cooking, soak it into a slightly salted water, so it will take an extra smell.

Peas can be soaked in two hours before cooking, if you pour it with steep boiling water.

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