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MNM Pro Jersey


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MNM Jersey
MNM Jersey
"I would not regret to die a thousand times for what I believe in."
An ancient poem that was published in the 3rd century BCE. It simply represents fighting for what you believe in, a core value at MNM.
MNM Jersey Poem
MNM Jersey Calligraphy MNM Jersey Calligraphy
Calligraphy boxes are fundamental to learning written Chinese and this is where the journey to Chinese language and culture starts. These lines represent the first stage in introducing our community to our British Chinese culture just as if they were your first steps in learning Chinese.
In Chinese culture these are the eight elements that build up the world around us with yin and yang perfectly balanced at its centre. At MNM we use this as a sign of our heritage and diversity as we are a diverse community and team from all walks of life but in our difference, we still find peace and harmony.
MNM Jersey Calligraphy MNM Jersey Eight Trigrams
The MNM brand has fire in its core and it is what surrounds marshmallow. Fire has many meanings in different cultures. On one hand it can represent birth and life while on the other hand it can be a sign of destruction if one is not careful. ForTheFlame represents our British humour and our fight for a cause we believe in, while 为燃烧而生 is about birth and life.
Slim fit design
A clean sleek look that is fit for all shapes and sizes
Designed by MNM
Designed with love and care by gamers for gamers
Moisture wicking
Keeping you focused for those high pressure moments
Soft material
Pro sports fabric 100% polyester
Breathable side panel
Contrasted for extra style and comfort
Laundry care
Suitable for 40°C machine wash
About MNM
MNM Gaming is a premier esports club that started with the goal of creating more opportunities for talented players to grow and succeed in the esports world. Diversity and equality are at the core of what we believe in and we’ve created our merchandise with the belief that everyone should have equal opportunity and be proud to represent what is true to them.
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